There are a lot of varieties of instant turf around but if you’re looking for a versatile, high quality variety that has stood the test of time, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is hard to beat. It’s the first choice of instant turf for many Australian homeowners – and for good reason.

Here’s why Sir Walter Buffalo turf should be your number one choice over any of the other varieties on offer.

It has superior drought and heat tolerance

Some types of instant turf are better than others at tolerating hot, dry conditions. This is a useful feature for a tropical country like Australia. For a drought tolerant variety of instant turf, you can’t go past Sir Walter.

This tough and hardy turf variety will survive and thrive in Australia’s hot and dry climates without drying out. Sir Walter doesn’t require nearly as much water as other varieties. This is due to its thick, deep root system and dense, lateral growth habit that limits evaporation.

Sir Walter Buffalo has been beautifully bred to handle the heat and drought conditions commonly found in Australia, and it does its job well. This means you won’t have to spend as much time and effort watering a Sir Walter Buffalo lawn – and thus you’ll have lower ongoing watering costs.

This is especially important when water restrictions are in place. You need to know that your lawn won’t dry out, and become brown, patchy and unattractive during the warmer months. Sir Walter Buffalo is a tried and true performer in the heat, and it won’t let you down.


It can tolerant cold conditions and frost

You might think that such a heat tolerant variety of turf would struggle with handling the opposite extreme. This is not the case however, as Sir Walter Buffalo is a true all-round performer.

It can handle cold weather and frosty conditions with equal ease. Cold weather doesn’t bother Sir Walter, which will stay evergreen in winter with only minimal colour loss.

There’s really nothing that fazes this grass. It can thrive and grow in any environmental condition and easily tolerate the whole spectrum of temperatures.


It can tolerate salt conditions

Living near the sea is not a problem for Sir Walter Buffalo. Unlike many varieties of instant turf, Sir Walter Buffalo is extremely salt tolerant.

It will give your seaside home an attractive, thick and green backyard where you’ll be able to enjoy the beach lifestyle. It’s also a great choice around salt-water pools where water is likely to get splashed on the grass.


It is one of the most shade-tolerant grasses around

Another of Sir Walter’s biggest selling points is how tolerant it is to shade. There are only a few types of grass that will successfully cope with less than six hours of direct sunlight a day.

Sir Walter Buffalo is one of them. It will perform well in both sun and shaded areas, and needs only two to three hours of sunlight a day to thrive.


It’s hard-wearing and fast repairing

Self-repairing is not a problem for a Sir Walter Buffalo lawn. Its fast, creeping growth habit allows it to quickly self-repair any damage caused by children, pets, accidents or excessive

use. It can tolerate high traffic and high impact activities such as sports without becoming worn, thin and patchy. And it will stay looking great no matter how much you use it.


It has low maintenance requirements

A Sir Walter Buffalo lawn requires far less watering, fertilising, weeding, repairing and general maintenance than most other varieties of instant turf. Busy and time-poor people simply can’t go past Sir Walter Buffalo turf for low maintenance. It’s an extremely easy lawn to look after.

This durable, tough and long-lasting turf can withstand almost anything and thrive. It’s a very healthy variety of grass too. Being drought, shade, weed and insect resistant means less time you need to spend making your lawn look good. As well, it’s fast and creeping growth habit means it can quickly and easily self-repair damage caused through daily use.

In fact, it will tolerate high levels of pet, foot and vehicle traffic with ease. It’s also highly resistant to pests and disease-causing organisms. Sir Walter will stay looking lush, green and healthy with minimal effort on your part.

If you want a minimal maintenance lawn that you can spend more time using and enjoying rather than working on, Sir Walter Buffalo is your go-to choice.


It looks attractive and has a great feel

Sir Walter Buffalo has soft leaves that are pleasant to touch and walk upon. It’s suitable for use by children and pets, as it’s also irritation and allergy-free. And it looks great too.

It has an attractive green colour that’s slightly tinged with blue and wide-bladed leaves that create a thick and luxurious looking display.

When you look at all the details, Sir Walter Buffalo grass scores highly in each category. There are very few instant turf varieties that have such fantastic all-round qualities.

Sir Walter Buffalo really is the “go anywhere, grow anywhere” turf that you can literally grow anywhere without a problem. It’s been specifically bred to thrive in the tough Australian conditions, so you can rest assured that a Sir Walter lawn will look good, perform well and be a great investment for your property.

Interested in trying Sir Walter Buffalo turf? It’s available from Coolabah Turf here.

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