Concrete residential pavers are a popular choice for adding character, colour and sophistication to your home. After all, why wouldn’t they be? They’re stylish to look at, come in a huge range of colours, textures and finishes, and are long-lasting, durable and easy to maintain. They are attractive and useful design tools to transform ordinary areas into captivating ones. But where exactly can you use them? Can they be used everywhere around your home, such as the driveway or the pool? Let’s find out.

Here’s where you can use residential pavers

Residential concrete pavers are endlessly versatile, and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Patios, courtyards and outdoor living areas

Outdoor areas are the perfect setting for tnatio. The wide variety of concrete pavers available allows you to bring a unique look to your outdoor space, and to match or complement any style of décor. They can make your outdoor area look sophisticated and elegant, or rustic and natural, and everything in between. And they are easy to install, use, clean and maintain, making them the perfect choice for an area that gets a lot of use. Concrete pavers will allow you to create an outdoor area that complements your lifestyle, and makes spending time outdoors a pleasure.


Residential pavers crafted from concrete are ideal for creating interesting paths. You can use them to create intriguing and unique patterns and designs that can withstand plenty of foot traffic – you are really limited only by your own imagination.


Concrete pavers are a great choice for stairs, as they are strong and sturdy, as well as interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Stepping stones

The beautiful quality of residential concrete pavers makes them a wonderful choice for stepping stones. They will create an eye-catching feature in your garden, and there are endless design choices to select.

Pool coping

Concrete pavers are ideal for use around pools, as they have great non-slip properties and are cooler to the touch in sunlight than other types of flooring material, such as stone.

Garden edging

Residential pavers can add interest and visual focus to your garden edging, as well as give a neat and tidy appearance to your outdoor landscape.

Where you shouldn’t use residential concrete pavers


Driveways need to carry high volumes of traffic, as well as withstand heavy loading. Residential pavers are generally not suitable for driveway use, as they are not designed to withstand such heavy traffic and loads.


Similarly, residential pavers shouldn’t be used on roadways, for all the reasons outlined above. While you can certainly use concrete pavers on areas such as roads, which are frequented by high volumes of traffic, they need specifically designed interlocking pavement systems. These paving systems are engineered for high volume traffic and are able to securely withstand the heavy loading they will receive.

Boat/caravan parking

Areas used to park boats and caravans are not suitable for residential paver use. While concrete residential pavers are very strong (being made of concrete), they just aren’t designed for such heavy load bearing use.

Car parks

Cars, while not as heavy as boats or caravans, will still apply enormous amounts of pressure to paved areas, which need to be very high load bearing to withstand such use. Again, residential pavers are not designed for car park use.

Airports and terminals

Ports, airports and terminals will receive extremely high volumes of foot traffic (as well as suitcases and baggage), and residential pavers are not designed to withstand extremely high foot traffic.

Residential pavers will do a great job paving areas around your home or commercial premises, but will not cope well with extremely heavy use – either foot traffic or vehicle traffic. Use them in all the ways they were designed – they are a great choice to enhance your home or outdoor area, and give it a touch of class and sophistication. Check out a great range of residential concrete pavers that can be used in all residential situations here.

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