If you need to migrate from the city to the country for a while, and you don’t want to sacrifice luxury and comfort – you’re in luck. The Bunya Mountains is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday that is both luxurious in the accommodation you’ll enjoy, and also in the scenery that surrounds you. Located in one of Queensland’s most scenic wilderness destinations, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of time to unwind, relax, refresh and restore, amongst the breathtaking scenery, sunsets, rainforests and waterfalls of the Bunya Mountains.

Sound delightful? It is. Sound peaceful and restorative? Check. But the even better news is the fact that you can enjoy this beautiful wilderness from the comfort of a luxurious, well-appointed home offering all the opulent facilities you’ll need.

The Bunya Mountains offers some of the best luxury holiday homes in the region, and the options are diverse. The Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre (https://bunyamountains.com.au) offers more than 100 holiday homes for rent, located all over the mountain. While there’s a range of properties on offer, from budget to not-so-

budget, there are plenty of upscale properties for those for whom price is no obstacle. Whether you want to relax in luxurious comfort, enjoy high end facilities or a wonderful location with breathtaking views, there are plenty of comfortable, higher end properties to choose from.

When you book one of these properties, you’ll be able to enjoy a magnificent experience. Featuring all the essentials (recreational facilities, high end finishes, luxury fittings, quality amenities, temperature control, polished floors), these luxurious and well-appointed properties offer the highest standard of accommodations. Here you’ll find extensive views accentuated by large picture windows that bring those views into the home. You’ll get to enjoy generous decks and sunrooms, terraced gardens and beautiful grassed areas. There’ll be pool rooms, bar fridges, outdoor entertaining areas and recreational facilities galore. You may even come across a spa or two, and perhaps be able to enjoy a pizza oven! Each home will feature a toasty wood fire, perfect to curl up in front of in the cooler weather that’s common at the higher altitudes of the Bunya Mountains. Plus, these properties offer plenty of room to spread out, both inside and outside. You won’t be cramped or hemmed in by neighbours but will be free to enjoy the space and privacy.

Marked by impeccable attention to detail and thought, each one of these homes is a delight to spend time in. Pure luxury, comfort and spaciousness are the key features of these holiday properties and will ensure a memorable Bunya Mountains experience.

To make it even better, you’ll find a high-quality restaurant and café to dine at, as well as Australia’s highest whisky bar, to soothe both your soul and your tastebuds.

The Bunya Mountains serves up luxurious, comfortable accommodation with a spectacular side of nature – something you definitely don’t want to miss. If you love the finer things in life, and you’re seeking a luxurious and indulgent holiday, you’ll find it amongst the majestic ancient bunya pines and towering rainforest at the Bunya Mountains.

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