There are many smart methods to look for medical vacancies – or to let employers find you. Not all Health care jobs are advertised either, so learn to look in the right places.

Five best tips

  1. Find vacancies
  2. Contact the company directly
  3. Let employers find you
  4. Use your own network
  5. Use social media

Find vacancies

The easiest way to look for a job is on different Medical job sites. Many of the ads found here come from Platsbanken. So the smartest thing is to start looking there.

Contact the company directly

Not all vacancies are advertised. Many employers instead choose to search directly in their network. Try contacting the company directly – maybe you show up just when the employer needs a person like you.

Let employers find you

Make yourself visible so that employers know that you exist and are available for work. Create a profile here on our website and match it with employers who are looking for your specific skills. Interested employers can contact you directly.

Use your own network

Map your network, get in touch and tell them that you are looking for a job. Also, spend some time expanding your network. After the corona pandemic has passed, you can, for example, visit trade fairs and other events related to your industry. Think long-term – the next time a vacancy appears in your network, maybe someone is thinking of you.

Use social media

Social media can make your job network grow. For example, review your Facebook and Linkedin contacts carefully. Is there anyone who works in your industry, or who in turn has contacts in your industry? Ask your contact if he can introduce you to people who seem interesting. Interest groups on social media are another good place to make contacts.

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