Homework should be a support for you in your daily life in order to be able to live as self-reliant and meaningful life as possible. It can be all about helping with easier jobs a day a week to help most times several times a day.

Personal services

Practical things like cleaning, companionship for walking, cooking, social gathering or doing matters (so-called accompanying) are the usual tasks that the home service performs. Many municipalities call this category of services for services.


Home care can also help you with personal care, for example, helping you get dressed or to shower.

If you are ill and need care at home, you will get help with this through home care . In some municipalities, home care is performed by the same organizations that perform home care, which means that you can then get all the help of one and the same actor.

Home services are required

The home service is need-tested (aid-evaluated). This means that you need to apply for help and that a local prosecutor (aid handler) will investigate and assess your need for assistance (assistance) and decide what support you receive. 

You can not, therefore, require specific help or care, but you are entitled to apply for any assistance. It is then up to the aid handler to investigate and then grant or decline your wishes. If you are not satisfied with your decision, you are entitled to appeal .

It is important to remember that it is the need to determine the right to assistance. You can not make an application if you do not need the help at that time. In practice, this may mean that you may need to apply several times if your need changes. 

Simplified aid assessment

In some municipalities, if you reach a certain age, often 75 years, you can get a number of hours of home care after a simplified need test. In this type of aid assessment, no home visits are made without application via form or telephone call to the municipality.

Differences between municipalities

What kind of help and how your needs are assessed can differ between different municipalities. An application can be granted in a municipality but rejected in another. This may be due to municipal guidelines and that municipalities have different budget frameworks. Under the Act, however, you get the help you need and you always have the right at such appeal a decision.

It may also vary between municipalities how home-based efforts are organized in practice. Either you are given specific efforts, such as cleaning a certain number of rooms and cooking help. Or you will be granted a number of hours of home care and may decide with the person who does the services what to do during that time.

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