It may seem that it is shameful to be old. Today, a lot of resources are being used to try to conceal old age tracks, tracks that we see daily just by looking at ourselves in the mirror. 

Some people take rest some still active and do activity. What ever you do at your old age the proper retirement housing is required. ageing is not a curse nor a disease.

It is pursuing eternal youth, while an ageing population is perceived as a problem, confronting the constant manifestations of the elephant wave and what problems it will cause. 

We hear about the lack of nursing homes, a lack of warm hands to take care of us and above all, grin o grief, how much this will cost the community. So, what would be better if this disease, old age, could not be healed so at least flicked. 


Is it the dream of eternal youth and the shame over the wrinkles that drive us? The cosmetic surgery is good at the moment and I’m not talking about the surgeons who are working on breast reconstruction after cancer treatment or necessary repairs after major injuries.

 I think of those who tell us completely from the youth that we are not good enough that the nose is too big or too small, the breasts are too small or not pointed enough or that we have some extra kilos to be sucked away . As we grow older, the wrinkles come and can be removed by injection or a small lift.

The mantra is that if you die slim and wrinkle-free at high age, you have been good girl.


The fight against old age is a fight we are doomed to lose – at least if we do not want to die young. Obviously, it is important to live as active life as possible with the limitations of the body’s ageing.

 But that does not mean we should spend money and energy in an artificial appearance that does not rhyme with being 70+. Money and energy can be spent on staying physically and mentally in shape, walking tours, doing some strength training, reading books and caring for our friends. 

So, we must accept that everything is not as fast as twenty years ago and the face we face in the mirror in the morning is no longer 30-40 years old, but as in my case, the 76-year-old.

Is eternal life and eternal youth a medical goal? We are in a time when most can be solved using new technology. We have got new tools for re-routing, for stem cell technology, nanotechnology and implant technology. 

The medicine can control most aspects of human life and the human body. Large-scale museum trials are conducted to see how the mice can become more youthful and live longer.  The risk of a number of diseases increases with age, but it does not mean that the actual ageing process is a disease to be combated. We welcome all research on how we can be active and fresh longer, but that’s because we want to grow old.


Why is it so difficult to accept that ageing is a part of life? I think we live in one at a time when the youth is ideal. We are not a target audience for anything but We over 60 when we have passed 50.

I’m trying to say to myself when I see a wrinkled little grey person in the mirror that james I’m glad I’m still alive and that if I’m part of the statistics I’m going to get old – my wrinkles. 


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