If you are thinking of installing solar panels to produce your own electricity, you can get information here that will help you get started with your project and also what you need to think about before your solar panel installation.

Solar panels are a good investment that pays off in the long run. By installing the right solar panels, it is possible to get a good return on your investment in the future through reduced electricity consumption costs.

Doing a solar panel installation can be a good complement to the regular electricity supply, which also means that you can save significant sums for your energy costs.

In this article you will get advice on what to think about before installing solar panels.

To plan for your solar panel installation

When you are going to invest in solar panels, you need to plan. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have space to install solar panels in a situation where the sun gives the most effect and secondly, you need to decide how big a solar panel system you should invest in.

Below we have created a checklist you can follow before your solar panel installation.

Checklist for installing solar panels:

Is your roof in good condition or is a renovation needed? If your roof needs renovation, it may be best to carry out the renovation before installing solar panels, as the system will remain on the roof for at least 25-30 years.

2. Check the latitude of your roof. Roofs facing south are best suited for solar panels, but also west- and east-facing roofs work well. You should also check the roof slope, as it is optimal to have a slope of between 15 and 50 degrees . It is also good if the roof is relatively shadow-free.

3. What type of roof do you have? Also check if there is space for a scaffolding or crane truck next to your house, so that the installation can be done as smoothly as possible.

4. How big is your electricity use per year? Also find out how big your main fuse is. This is needed to determine how large a facility fits your property.

5. You should check if a building permit is required for your photovoltaic system. Normally, no building permit is required, but there may be exceptions in certain residential areas which may mean that you may need to apply for a building permit. Contact your municipality and ask to be on the safe side.

This is how an installation of solar panels works

The actual solar panel installation does not take that long after all the practicalities are done. Normally, you get your solar panels installed in a couple of days, depending on the size, and then the solar panel system must be connected to the electricity grid, which is handled by your electricity company.

This means that it is relatively quick to get a photovoltaic system installed on your property and that you can fairly quickly start producing your own electricity and thereby reduce your energy costs but also contribute to a better environment.

This is how an installation of solar panels usually goes to:

  • Preparatory work: The installer starts by setting up rails on your roof on which the solar panels themselves are to be mounted. Depending on the type of roof you have, the type of equipment used may vary. If your house is high, it is also required that you install a scaffolding before the work begins.
  • Installation of solar panels: After mounting equipment has been installed on your roof, the solar panels are put in place.
  • Installation of inverters & batteries: When the solar panels are on your roof, it is time to install a solar battery or an inverter , which is usually placed inside the house and which converts the direct current that the solar panels produce into alternating current.
  • Connection of solar panels: Finally, a qualified electrician needs to connect the solar panels and test so that they work as they should.

Frequently asked questions about solar panel installation

Below we answer the most common questions we get about solar panel installations.

What does it cost to install solar panels?

The cost of a solar panel installation usually corresponds to approximately 25% of the total cost of the plant.

How long does a solar panel installation take?

Most photovoltaic installers are usually able to install a complete photovoltaic system on a normal-sized villa in about 2-3 days. It is usually the design and delivery of the material that takes the longest time.

Can you install solar panels yourself?

As with much else, you can of course perform large parts of the installation work of solar panels yourself. However, a qualified electrician must be hired to perform the actual electrical work, this to minimize the risk of future electrical accidents and reduce the risk of power loss.

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