There are two things you always watch TV commercials for. One is internet casinos, the other is toothpaste. Since I’m not much of a “player”, this is about toothpaste. And about the number two. 

I want to make a blow for toothpaste. Why? Well, today’s modern patients are using the toothbrush to an increasing extent. And that is good. The toothbrush comes in better and brings more water than the old-fashioned toothbrushes. The toothbrush is better, simply. The problem is that toothpaste brushes provide too little space for toothpaste. The cosmetic dentists can help you in teeth whitening. Still, there are some precautions you can take. 

Several constituents

Toothpaste contains mild polish, which removes dirt and food residue from the teeth surface. A proper toothpaste also contains fluoride. It’s the fluoride that really benefits, because it kills caries and strengthens your teeth. Choose any toothpaste, only it contains fluoride. Finally, toothpaste contains different substances that make the mouth feel fresh.

Too much is never good, sure

In the past, you were a little worried that people used too much toothpaste. Large doses can wear teeth and gums. Toothpaste often contains sodium sulphate, which causes the toothpaste foam. Sodium sulphate is not a dangerous substance, on the contrary. However, too much foam causes the user to overproduce saliva. There will be a mess, where you will spit out the foam without the toothpaste getting used to our teeth. The foam in our mouth can also make us stop brushing earlier than we should.

The toothpaste should be applied to the toothbrush. How much? At least two centimeters. The toothpaste should be rubbed softly on the teeth together with water. Everything must be kept in the mouth. How long? At least two minutes. How many times? Twice a day.

Use your finger

One good tip is to take the toothpaste on the toothbrush or finger and lubricate all the teeth. Once all teeth have a layer of toothpaste, you can start brushing. Unfortunately, many people are smearing a click on the toothbrush and launching the brush immediately. Then you risk that a single side gets all toothpaste and the rest will be without. Before brushing, all dirt should be cleaned with dental floss or dental brush. Do not brush your teeth on the routine. Be sure to access the four sections: left upper jaw, right upper jaw, left lower jaw and right lower jaw. At least 30 seconds in each section.

Ask grandmother and grandfather about dental care earlier

Finally, I would like to point out that there are no alternatives to daily toothbrush with fluoride and cream. Because there was not even that available. Ask your grandparents if you can. They can tell one and another interesting about dental hygiene before, and how the elderly looked in their mouths in the past.

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