Battery light: Why is it lit?

A shining battery light means something is wrong with your battery or you need to replace the car battery.

Something may have broken that prevents the battery from charging while driving, for example, that the generator has broken or that the generator belt has come off.

It can also mean that your battery is simply old and has stopped receiving charge efficiently.

Car battery red light indicator

Why is the battery light on?

The battery light is on because something is wrong with your car battery or the charge of the battery.

If the battery is old and bad, it may not receive charge as well, then the light can come on to warn that the battery level is low.

There may also be other problems with the charging of the car battery.

For example, that the generator has broken or that the generator belt has come off.

If the light suddenly turns on while driving, you can check under the hood and see if it looks like a strap is missing.

It can also mean that the battery has become bad and needs to be replaced.

If you drive your car very rarely, it can be so simple that your battery needs to be charged.

If you rarely use your car and only drive short distances, the battery never really has time to recharge properly.

Car battery indicator

Can you drive with a shining battery light?

Since the lamp is lit because the battery can not be charged, I do not recommend driving the car until you know what is wrong.

If there is something wrong with the generator or battery so that the car loses power, you will lose many important functions.

It can be more difficult to steer the car, the brakes can stop working, all lighting goes out, and more.

If the battery is not charged, it will eventually be completely discharged and then you will be left with your car.

Sometimes it can work to use jump leads to start a car where the battery does not have enough power to start the engine.

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